Free Website Template Collections

StylishTemplates provides free and premium webe templates. They can be downloaded and used without restriction. Their templates are designed with re use in mind and can be rebranded to suit most needs making the process of launching a site much easier. Their designs are coded and created in-house by very talented graphic designers and HTML slicers who also work on other projects for large corporations.

Open source web design provide simple reusable hand coded templates in line with open source development principles. You are not restricted in how you make us of the templates and are encouraged to upload improvements you make.

Free website templates provide very refined templates targeted to a particular subject. They are typically difficult to refactor to a different subject. This makes the site of limited use if your subject is not covered. Their are many templates on the subject of music, promotion and consumer electronics as well as celebrity culture so if this is what you are looking for then this site is definately worth a look.


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