Setting up a Google Adwords Account

The Google search engine controls about 90% of the worldwide search market. As such Google Adwords, googles own pay per click platform cannot be ignored by internet businesses. It has the capability of reaching more customers than all of the other online marketing streams combined.

Signing Up

Step 1: Setting up a Google account

setting up a google account

If you already have a google account you can skip straight to step 2. Go to and click the sign in link at the top right of the page. Underneath the log in in box on the right hand side of the page there is a link labelled 'Create an account now'. Clicking this will take you to a form which you need to fill in to get your account. This will provide you a google login using your existing provider as its login. Google will then send you a verification email containing a link you must click. To get a google email account go to

Step 2: Enabling Adwords on your google account

Once you have created your Google account go to and click on the 'Advertise with Google' button at the bottom of thep page. If you do not see this link you may be viewing iGoogle instead of google, click the 'Classic Google' link at the top left and look again. This will bring you to a page where you can select between Adwords and Adsense.

Selecting google adwords

Adsense allows you to host other peoples adverts on your site. Click on the 'Sign up now' buttons will start the process. On the next screen select 'I have an existing email address and password' and 'I'd like to use my existing google accout'. This will bring up a login box, fill in your details and click to continue.

logging in to adwords

Next google will ask you to verify your country, time zone and preferred country. Once you have done this click continue, then click the link labelled 'Proceed to login to Adwords'. This takes you to the Adwords landing page and completes the process of creating your adwords account.

Creating your first advert

Step 1: Create your first campaign

adwords landing page

Click the create your first campaign button. This will take you a page requesting your campaign details. Select an informative campaign name as this will make them easier to manage once you have many campaigns.

What regions you choose you will have to decide yourself. Consider the potential market for your product or service. Some such as informative ebooks can be sold internationally, others such as heavier goods might only be sellable in your own country or region.

For networks click 'Let me choose' and untick 'content network'. I recommend not using content network as it has been my experience that it causes costs to skyrocket and offers little back in terms of actual sales or conversions.

For devices only select 'All available devices' if your website actually works on all devices. Iphones, blackberry's etc have smaller screens and your site may not display properly on them. If you are unsure click 'Let me choose' and untick 'iphones and other similar devices'.

Your bid is also something that you will need to decide for yourself based on the product or service you sell. A good rule of thumb is to assume that 1% of your visitors will convert to customers. SO for example if you bid £0.10 per click you can reasonably expect one sale per £10 of pay per click advertising. Therefor if your product is worth £10 with this setup you can expect to break even. Take the ammount you can afford to spend on advertising then divide it by 100 and this will give you a reasonable click bid to start with. You will also need to set a daily budget. This is entirely up to you but I would recommend paying close attention to your advetising performance initially to avoid running on a large bill for no benefit. How much you bid will determine how high in the paid advertising section and how often your advert is shown.

adwords campaign details

Once you have filled in this information click 'Save and Continue'.

Step 2: Writing your Advert

A google adwords advert is made up of a headline, two descriptive lines, a display URL and a destination URL. 

The headline is your most important line. It will appear largest in the live advert and should contain your key selling proposition. Google does not allow all capitals but you can capitalise the first letter in every word to add emphasis. The descriptive lines are to allow you to elaborate on your product or service. The destination URL is the page address where your product or service is described in more detail. The display URL can be the same as your destination URL, if your destination URL is long or not very descriptive then it is often a good idea to shorten if to just the domain name for your display URL.

adwords advert text and keywords

Step 2: Choosing your keywords

Next you need to select your key phrases. Key phrases in a google adwords advert are the words which when searched for by a google user will result in your advert being displayed. The key here is to fid key phrases which have as little competition as possible, have high search numbers and which are likely to be searched for by people who would be willing to buy your product. 

You can do more detailed keyword research at Aim for key phrases which target the specific niche your product is in and don't be afraid to search for key phrases with many words in them as these are often the ones which you can appear near the top of the advertising section with for lower bid ammounts. For example if you are a plumber and you bid on the key phrase 'plumber' you will likely get a lot of searches but they will cost you a lot per click and will not likely be looking for the specific service you offer. If however you bid on the key phrase 'commercial plumber in manchester' you will get less searches but they will be much cheaper and they will be more likely to be looking for the specific searches you offer.Click continue to save your first campaign and advert.

Step 3: Setting up billing

Once you have saved your campaign you will be taken back to the Adwords landing page. From here you should see a red warning box with a link to set up your billing. Click this link and follow the process to input your credit or cebit card information. Once you have done the process is complete and your advert is live.

adwords billing setup


Adwords has the capability to allow your online business to reach millions of potential new customers every month. If done properly you can reach these potential customers and turn them into real paying customers with a minimum of ongoing campaign management at a reasonable cost. Whether adwords will work for you depends on what your maket is, how competitive it is online, the nature of your customers and how shrewdly you configure your adwords campaigns.

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