Marketing on Social Media Websites

Social media covers a wide range of of information resources and all of them have the the potential to attract a lot of new visitors to your sites and greatly increase market awareness of your brand. Types of social media include:


To take advtange of blogging you only need to add an open source blogging platform to your existing company site. If you use a content management system such as drupal or joomla this can easily be achieved by installing the appropriate module. If your current content management system does not have a blogging module you can still take advantage of this communications medium by instaling a package such as blogger or wordpress. By installing a separate blogging platform will require greater effort to match your blog to the design of your existing site and a seamless integration is not always possible. A blog will also benefit your website by providing it regular new keyword rich content to attract the attnetion of the major search engines.

Social Networking

Social networking sites allow their members to maintain profile pages regularly updated with their personal information. Members can send messages to eachother which become visible on their profile pages. Depending on the platform they may also support images, videos and various other multimedia content and application generated information. Although these sites were initially developed to allow people to communicate with people they have since expanded to allow companies to build their own profiles. Social media is a great way to organise events and keep your companies friends aprised of your latest products and services.


A wiki is an infotmation resources whote content can be added and ammended by any of its members. The most famous example of a wiki is wikipedia. Increasingly wikipedia is becoming the first place people look for information on a given subject. In order to take advantage of wikipedia to advance your companies market presence you should first make a wikipedia page for it. This page can link to your own website in the external links section. Next you can find more wikipedia pages detailing markets, services, resource or anything else your compant offers or utilises and link them to your companies wikipedia page in the see also section. For a great many search terms wikipedia will be the number one result. Ensuring that their is a short chain of hyperlinks being these top results and your own companies page will increase the number of quality visitors which reach your site.

Social News

Social news sites allow members to post links to interesting news articles from other sites. Some also allow members to write their own news or editorial pieces to be published on the site. Members can them vote for these news items positively or negatively and this affects how they will be ordered on the site. How these votes affect the order on the social news site varies from platform to platform. Common factors on social news sites which affect the ordering of links include number of positive votes, number of downvotes, the speed at which votes are cast, the reputation of members casting the votes (reputation is gained by submitting popular items and lost by submitting unpopular ones) and the items age on the site. Social news sites are the best way to launch your viral marketing materials. If your content is funny or thought provoking enough the social news hive mind will float it to the top of the pile driving tens of thousands of visitors a day to it. These visitors can then be channeled off to your profit generating web pages. The visitors will be less likely to convert to customers but their are so many of them it will lead to many sales.

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