The Advantages of Websites for Tradesmen

Tradesmen ranging from gardeners to plumbers work in an enormous market. Nearly everyone in the developed world lives in a house that requires regular maintenance by skilled professionals. These professionals commonly advertise in newspapers, on leaflets and in directories like the yellow pages or thomson local. Online advertising is not a method commonly employed. People are increasingly looking to the internet as the first place to look for these essential services so there it is increasinlgy becoming a potentially very profitable new source of customers for these trades. Trades that stand to benefit a great deal from online advertising include:

  • Plumbers
  • Removal services
  • Builders
  • Gas engineeers
  • Bricklayers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters
  • Decorators
  • Floor layers
  • Roofers
  • Tilers

The professions often overlook the potential of having a website as they do not see any of their competitors advertising online. For these professions having a website will offer the following advtanages:

Gain good search engine rankings easily

As search terms involving both keywords relating to these professions combined with local town names will have little or no competition is is possible for new websites to claim these search terms and easily gain first place rankings. This is particularly true when combined with google local service. Imagine the advantages of having a map to your business premises and a phone number appear first on google for search terms such as 'plumbers in ramsgate' and 'find a roofer broadstairs'.

Low Cost

A quarter column in a local free paper can cost up to £1000 per month. There is little room in a quarter column ad to provide enough information to a potential customer to assure them that you are a professional and reliable service. With a website you can convey a great deal more information. A high quality package designed for a small easily managed website should cost between £500 and £1000. A website designed properly should remain current and draw in customers for 2-3 years and once setup will only cost you £60 per year to keep online. This yearly cost is minimal compared to other advertising methods and will provide a regular stream of new customers to supplement your existng customer base.

Show customers tesimonials and previous works

People like to see what they are getting before they buy. This is especially true of expensive works like fitting a new bathroom or decked garden area. Unfortunately for tradesmen this can be difficult as most of their previous work will be in other peoples homes. With a website you can show pictures or videos of your best work alongside customer testimonials. A major headache for people looking to contract a tradesman is trying to filter to professionals from the cowboys. By showing them your previous works on your website you canput their mind at ease and increase the likelyhood that they will pick you out of the crowd.

Professional First Impression

Many small businesses don't have websites. By getting a website designed for your business you will be showing your customers a sleek and professional front giving them more peace of mind when it comes to contracting your services. The internet doesn't easily differentiate between big and small. A major contractor turning over millions of pounds a year can have a terrible website while a local provider can have an excellent one. There are no good locations and bad ones so ever new website has a good chance of succeeding if developed properly. 

If you are interested in having a website developed for your business you can find more information at Pixeko Web Management.

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