Submitting to Search Engines

When you first produce a site in order to get it indexed you must notify the search engines of its presence. Their are two ways of doing this. The first is to aquire some links from other indexed sites and wait for google and friends to follow the link and discover your latest offering on the alter of information. The second way which we will cover here is for you to directly notify the search engine of the sites presence.


Google's market share ranges from 62-95% dependig on country. In the UK google hold 70% and in the US google holds 57% of the entire search market. Google indexes a very large quantity of new content every day in these countries. The easiest way to notify google of your sites presence it to submit it using the page linked below:

Alternatively you can add the google webmaster tool to your google account. This is a tool which allows you to track the search engine presence and growth of a collection of sites online. It shows you which pages are found, what terms the site ranks and gets traffic for and a whole host of other data. Google webmaster tools can be found at the page below:


Microsoft Bing controls 0-10% of the search market depending on country. It is most successful in America where it controls 10% of the search market ranking 3rd behind Yahoo with 23% and Google with 57%. Although it reachs only 1/8 of the people that Google reach the search market is very large and their 10% share is still millions of potential customers. A page can be submitted to Bing at the page linked below:


Yahoo is a major provider in all search markets in developed countries.It is also a strong competitor in search markets in the developing world. As an early provider of search, news, content and services yahoo has a loyal userbase. To submit a site to yahoo go to the site below:


To submit your site to Ask you need to create a sitempa.xml file in your web root directory. This sitemap should contain information about your site in the open format sitemap protocol. You can find more details of this protocol at:

You can then register your sitemap with Ask by accessing the following url:

Replace with your own site address.

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