Publishing an Information Product

We all have some unique knowledge or experience that would be of benefit to others. Using software such as word you can create an information product that you can then sell online. Their are companies which provide on demand services allowing you to deliver your product in multiple formats without having to invest in stock.

Steps involved in creating and selling an information product:

  1. Produce an information product
  2. Creating a marketing website
  3. Generate traffic for the website

Designing an information product is an ideal low cost method allowing you to offer a unique product without the risk of having to hold stock. Information products can be offered in downloadable file, CD/DVD or book format. It is possible to have all these formats manufactured on demand.

Producing an Information Product

The first stage in this process is the most time consuming. Writing a book can take anything from weeks to years. What's most important is to address an audiences specific knowledge requirement. If you produce a book that addresses a subject that is already well documented then you will have a much more difficult task trying to market your product than if you concentrate on a gap in the market.

You also have the option of hiring a professional writer on a website such as elance. This will allow you to generate your product in a much shorter space of time. You should be able to find a writers offering a range of options and prices. The price you are willing to pay will directly affect the quality of writer you are able to hire. Look at any writers previous work before giving them your project. Hiring a writer is a large investment and can significantly delay breaking even on the project.

Creating a Marketing Website

Once you have produced you will also have to convince your audience to buy what you have to offer. To do this you need a sales letter and a website. For both of these tasks you can choose to either do it yourself or hire a professional again. Elance's writers can produce a sales letter for a fraction of what you should pay to have a book written. The sales letter is an important part of your project and if you are not confident writing it yourself then hiring a writer is the best option.

Depending on your experience and the time you have to invest in it you can produce your own website or contract a web designer to do it for you. If you have previous experience with web design then learning to use ecommerce tools will not be too difficult, many of the articles on this site will help you to get started. Howerver, if you have never designed a website before then you should contract a professional designer to do it for you. A well desdigned website will increase the number of your visitors who purchase your product. A professional web designer will also be able to offer you additional services to improve your website and visibilty and usability. Search engine, social network and PPC optimisation are services which a professional can provide to accelerate the growth of your business.

Generating Website Traffic

You have several options for generating website traffic:

  1. Pay per click search marketing
  2. Search engine optimisation (Part 1, Part 2)
  3. Viral marketing
  4. Directory submission
  5. Social networking

Each of these tactics deserves some extra reading time. Depending on the type of product you are marketing some methods will be more successful than others, search engine optimisation and pay per click marketing are a good place to start.


Developing an information product allows you to frequently launch new products with limited investment or risk. From personal experience I have found that not all products will be successful. However it is a scalable business model. Once a website has been launched to market a product it should be possible to automate order fulfilment. Experience will allow you to improve your success rate and product development workflow.

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