Contracting a Web Designer

Hiring a web designer can be a stressful process for many entrepreneurs. The technologies that support the internet are updated so frequently that people outside the trade have difficulty knowing what to ask for. You should draw on your companies existing IT team throughout the process.This articles covers some basic professional questions you should ask any potential employee or contractor.

1 - What experience does the candidate have in your industry?

It is important to find a web designer with previous experience of similar projects to your own. Not all websites are the same, experience in one area of the field might not be as important as another when providing the specific services you are looking for.

2 - What aspects of the candidates portfolio would they consider to be their best work?

The full complexity of a website is rarely on show from its front page. Their are countless little hidden features and backend behaviors that you can ask your potential candidate to present to you. Web developers like all software engineers have to constantly improve and learn new techniques to keep up with the rapidly changing IT industry. Depending on the size of the project or the length of employment you are offering you should look for existing experience at or near to the level of complexity of what you want to produce.

3 - What do the candidates references say?

It sounds like an obvious one but I've secured jobs in the past without my references being checked. A resume can only tell you the qualities and skills the candidates wants to reveal. Professional web designers rely heavily on teamwork and communication. Past employers will be able to tell you the candidates success rate and ability to follow leadership.

4 - How well does the candidate perform in a formal test?

A common practise with web and software development is to have the candidate sit a written or aural test of their technical skills. If you have an IT department this would be a good point to get them involved in the application process. They will be better able write the test and assess the results.

5 - What ideas and feedback can the candidate bring to yout project?

Launching a new website can be a very long process. It is important that any new candidate you bring on board is excited about the projects they will be involved with. Ensuring your team enjoys the work they do will make your team more productive and improve your work force retention.

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