Add a paypal 'Buy Now' button to a page

To create a paypal buy now button and add it to your page you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to paypal
  2. Click on merchant services
  3. Mid way down the page in a box labelled ’useful links’ click on the link labelled ‘Buy now buttons’
  4. Mid way down the page on the left hand side there’s a yellow box, click on the link labelled ‘Get started’
  5. Now you’ll see a form asking you for the details of your buy now button. The first thing to do here is scroll down to the bottom of the page and click ‘Add more options’
  6. Provide the successful payment URL. This should be the address of a page you create on your website which contains download instructions for your product.
  7. Provide the cancel payment URL. This should be the address of a page you create on your website informing the customer that their payment has failed. You may want to include the paypal buy now button on this page as well
  8. Tick the radio button labelled ‘No postage required’
  9. Click the Edit button at the bottom of the page. This will bring you back to the main buy now button details form you were on previously
  10. Give your item a name; this is what will appear on the top of the paypal login page when a user clicks to buy your product. It is also what will appear on their paypal history
  11. You can give your item an item number or ID but this is not required. If you intend to have many items doing this may help you manage your business administration later on
  12. Give your item a price and select a currency
  13. Give your item a weight of 0 (as eBooks are intangible they weigh nothing)
  14. Select your button style. I would recommend one of the big ones with the credit card logos on it as this grabs attention better and informs them they can pay with card as well as paypal (paypal can process bank cards for users who don’t have a paypal account)
  15. Tick the yes box under button encryption. This prevents the more devious customers from editing the price or finding out where the product download page is before they have paid
  16. Under postage methods select ‘use flat rate amount’ and type the number 0 into the text box
  17. Under VAT options select ‘use flat rate amount’ and type the number 0 into the text box
  18. Click ‘create button now’
  19. You will now be presented with a screen with a big text box full of code in the middle. Highlight and copy all of this code
  20. Open up a notepad window and paste this code into it

At this point you have completed the process of creating your buy now button. Now we will go through adding this buy now button into one of your web pages.

  1. Open up your web page in page breeze
  2. In the wysiwyg editor find the part of document you want to place the buy now button and place a long string of x’s
  3. Switch the editor to code view by clicking on the ‘html source’ tab.
  4. Look though the very long page of techno gibberish until you see your long line of x’s
  5. Copy the button code you made earlier out of the text file and paste it over the x’s
  6. Switch back to the wysiwyg editor by clicking on the ‘normal’ tab
  7. If you scroll down to where you previously put the x’s you shuld now see the buy now button in its place


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