Sorting your incoming mail into folders in Outlook 2003

To sort your incoming mail into folders for each account follow the instructions below.

First you need to create folders for reach of your email account.

  1. Open up outlook
  2. In the folder list right click on Personal Folders and click new folder
  3. Type in the new folders name and click ok

Once you have created folders for all of your email accounts you need to create rules to move the new emails into them once they arrive.

  1. Click on Tools menu then click on ‘rules and alerts’
  2. Click new rule
  3. Select ‘start making rule from a template’
  4. Select the template ‘Move message sent to distribution list to a folder’
  5. In the box labelled step 2 a blank rule will now be laid out for you.
  6. Click ‘people of distribution list’ and in the field labelled ‘to->’ near the bottom type in the email address you want to apply the rule to
  7. Click ‘specified folder’ and select the folder you want these emails to end up in.

Once you have created a rule all existing emails that have arrived to one of the email address you have created rules for will remain in the folders they were in before but all new emails will be automatically sorted in the correct folder.

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