Top 5 Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress is an open source blogging platform. Being one of the most used platforms available it has a substantial library of of templates and plugins. This list comprises the top 5 plugins I regularly use.

1 - Sociable

Sociable is a social networking plugin.  It allows you to automatically add text or image links to up 99 social networking and bookmarking sites to all of your posts, pages and feeds. These sites get massive numbers of faily visitors and getting your content linked to from them will give you a big surge in free traffic.

2- Recaptcha

Recaptcha is a plugin which allows you to add captcha test to any comment box or other user input on your site. A captcha is a deliberately obfscated series of letters in an image which the user has to type into a text field. The difficultly in deciphering the text helps separate genuine human written comments from bot generated spam.

3 - Google Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is a text file containing xml encoded information about all the pages on your site including their address, title, description and relative importance within the content of your site. This plugin adds an automatical sitemap generating function to your site. This is particularly useful when you are developing a site with regular new content.

4 -Ultimate Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google which gives to access to detailed user behavior statistics. This plugin allows you to add the require javascript tracking code to your site. Analytics is invaluable in mapping the growth of your userbase and determining how effective your various marketing efforts have been.

5 - All in One SEO Pack

Wordpress default installation doesn't make the best use of all potential on site SEO factors. This plugin allows you more control over your meta description, meta keywords and title tag. It also arranges your homepage, page, post and comment HTML elements to present your content to the search engines in the best possible way.

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