Top 5 SEO Tools

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most important factors web designers have to consider in any new project. A booming service industry has delevoped around it. Businesses that don't have expertise in this area rely on these services to have any hope competing online. Fortunately there is now an abundance of free very effective tools available.

1 - SEO Quake

SEO Quake is plugin for both IE and firefox that gives you access to a tonne of powerful page analysis and research functions. Its most useful feature is the keyword density check. This analyses the text and meta content of a page and generates a report detailing every repetition of phrases categorized by the number of words in the repeated phrase. It also generates a word cloud which is a box words, the font size of each word indicates how much the page content emphasises this word. The generated report can interact with googles keyword research tool to give you detailed search popularity data and estimated cost per click in google adwords. As well as page analysis SEO Quake can also be used for search engine research, the tool has the ability to query google, yahoo, MSN\Live, DMoz, Alexa, Delicious, Technorati, Digg, Whois and Ask for information on the page being analysed. This tool is invaluable in assessing how well search engine optimized your website is.

2 - Google Keyword Tool

Google keyword tool should be the first task on the agenda before a single word is written. Here you can research the keyword search trends of people who use the google search engine (about 70% of the global search market). First select which parts of the globe you want search data for, then you provide it one or more search terms you want it to research. It will then generate a list of possible variations of your search terms and generate a report showing you the average number of searches per month and advertiser competition for each of the generated terms. For internet entrepreneurs this tool is invaluable in identifying niche markets to begin offering goods or services in. The tool can also export selected keywords to a csv file to be used later in a google adwords campaign.

3 - Free Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is an xml file that google and other search engines can use to speed up indexing of your site. A sitemap contains the following information on every page in your site:

  • Loc - The complete URL of the page.
  • Lastmod - This is  date and time this page was last modified.
  • Priority - The importance of page in relation to other pages (number between 0 and 1)
  • Changefreq - How frequently a page changes (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or never)

To use the free sitemap generator you simply go to the address above sign up for a free account and tell it the url of the site you want to generate a sitemap for. You then download the sitemap.xml file and uploaded it to yout public html directory. Having a sitemap file tells the search engines which pages in your site you consider most important helping then to know which of your pages are worth showing in search results. It also tells them when they should come back to find new content on your site. This makes their task of indexing the internet easier and earns you search engine brownie points.

4 -Digixmas

Digixmas provide two excellent pieces of software. Their article submitter and directory submitter tools allow you to submit your sites and articles to hundreds of article portals and directories automatically saving you hundreds of working hours. Both submission tools can be configured to stagger submissions to make your inbound link build up lok more natural. They also allow you to configure several descriptions, titles and inbound link text so that your inbound links cover a wider range of search terms improving your search engine presence for a broader range of customers. By varying your titles, descriptions and link text your inbound links will also look more natural. It is important for your site presence growth to look natural as google will usually penalise you if your search engine optimisation efforts look robotic.

5 - Internet Business Promoter

Although this is not technically free it does come with a free trial. Internet Business Promoter is by a wide margin the most useful SEO tools I have ever come across. Its publisher, Axandra is so confident of its capabilities they will guarantee you a top 10 google ranking in your first year of using it or a 100% refund of your purchase price. Its features include:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Search engine ranking analysis
  • Content readability testing
  • Competitor identification and  analysis
  • Long term site tracking
  • User behavior emulation
  • Keyword research tool
  • Backlink checker
  • Submits your sites to a massive catalogue of search engines and directories
  • Generates a detailed report laying out step by step what you need to do next to improve your search engine ranking.

With IBP you can also white label the various reports it generates allowing you to setup a turn key SEO service.

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