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Welcome to WebDevFAQ. This is an information resource for website developers and online entrepreneurs. You will find lots of information both for beginners and more advanced professionals on different aspects of programming and design technique, technology and methodology relating to online business.

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WebDevFAQ is maintained by Pixeko Web Management, the South Easts best web design agency. Pixeko offers a range of servies including web and graphic design, marketing, search engine optimisation and copywriting.


How to Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop (CS2/3/4)

Brushes are one of the most powerful tools available to a designer. The application of commonly-used effects and image elements can be greatly simplified by using brushes, and making your own couldn't be easier. In this tutorial we will look at creating your own custom brushes and brust sets from images you have created.


Top 5 SEO Tools

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become one of the most important factors web designers have to consider in any new project. A booming service industry has delevoped around it. Businesses that don't have expertise in this area rely on these services to have any hope competing online. Fortunately there is now an abundance of free very effective tools available.


Online Dropshipping Business How To

Dropshipping is a great way to offer real physical products online without the complications of holding your own stock. In a dropshipping business you offer products for sale and the orders are fulfilled by a third party.


Contracting a Web Designer

Hiring a web designer can be a stressful process for many entrepreneurs. The technologies that support the internet are updated so frequently that people outside the trade have difficulty knowing what to ask for. You should draw on your companies existing IT team throughout the process.This articles covers some basic professional questions you should ask any potential employee or contractor.


Essential Firefox plugins

A concise list of the firefox plugins every web designer should have to make their working lives a great deal easier. These are the plugins we all use at Pixeko Web Design. They have versions to work with every version of firefox and have not caused any reliability of performance issues for us so far.


Backing up and restoring a MySQL database using SQLYog

In most content management and ecommerce systems the majority of the sites data is stored in a database. MySQL is the most commonly used database platform for websites and is the subject for this tutorial.


Offline Marketing an Online Business

Online marketing techniques such as PPC, list marketing and affiliate selling are highly saturated. The profit margin on the majority of adwords based businesses is very small. For this reason it is necessary to sell a lot of units to make a reasonable profit on any individual venture. Unfortunately many of the products that are available to small businessmen don't have markets large enough to sustain the levels of sales required to make them profitable. For this reason it is essential to consider offline marketing techniques to support your online ventures.


Setting up a Google Adwords Account

The Google search engine controls about 90% of the worldwide search market. As such Google Adwords, googles own pay per click platform cannot be ignored by internet businesses. It has the capability of reaching more customers than all of the other online marketing streams combined.



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